Yuzo 6.0 (soon)

A few weeks ago just on April 10, Yuzo Related Post suffered a massive attack. This attack affected many websites but not all.

📜 The history of this attack

In October 2018 I got an email from a Japanese, this mail I detail 3 security flaws that had the plugin Yuzo of which I only corrected 2 of them, the third for lack of analysis and time I could not correct the point number 3 and this was the one that caused me harm.

I’m not sure if the same Japanese who told me about the faults was the one who sent the attack but he warned me earlier months.

He also told me that this was a thesis for the university or course that security was doing but as he warned me, it happened.

Recall that security companies perform and create bug or analyze attacks to sell their security services, so the business of antivirus works.

In April 2019, the attack was effected on many pages. My immediate recommendation was to remove the plugin quickly because your site could be attacked. I also asked the WordPress reviewers to deactivate it because it could not be published until the errors were corrected.

I’m sure it was the best I could do to be able to review the problem and where they attacked. Once revised, I corrected the errors but I thought a lot and it would be better not to publish that version of Yuzo again.

This attack was for the users of the Lite version, the Pro version was not affected because it did not have the bug that the Lite version had.

🌀 The new version 6.0

Since a few months ago I’ve been doing version 6.0 but very slowly,

I am a student of systems engineering and university consumes most of my time, I am very passionate as a programmer and I have many ideas that I want to get to real life, but studies are a big obstacle, the good news that I only need 1 year to finish my studies. But due to the problem I have priority in finishing the new Yuzo 6.0 much faster (in a few weeks)

Now that the incident of Yuzo Related Post version 5.12 happened, I decided to create a new plugin completely from scratch and this time at a higher speed of development.

💯 Percentage of completion

I can say that the new Yuzo 6.0 is at 80% progress for the Pro version, its features are very similar to the previous Pro and Lite version but this time it has a cleaner code, with a reengineering from scratch, standards of programming PSR-1 and PSR-4, multi-instance.

The new version 6.0 will be available only for customers of the Pro version, the lite version will take 1 or 2 more weeks to be published from the moment of the release.

If you have any questions about the new
🔥Yuzo🔥 do not hesitate to ask in the comments.

42 Replies to “Yuzo 6.0 (soon)”

  1. Hello
    thank you for yuzo realted post plugin.
    for new update, I worry about lossing my save on Include / Exclude posts recorded.
    please update with keep table Include / Exclude recorded.
    hope you succeed
    Thanks again
    Best wishes & Regards

    1. Hello, version 6.0 will keep the Include/Exclude of the previous Free and Pro version.
      Anyway when I release it and have problems do not hesitate to write in the support.

  2. thank you, this was an excellent plugin, so i will wait for the update. I removed the plugin for now, but i did not wipe out the directory, so im hoping that when we get the update, the saved data will stay.

  3. You knew of the vulnerability in Oct 2018 and you did not inform anybody about that?
    You don’t think this is awful to users?

    1. Hello, when I was informed about this I made some corrections at the level of security, I sent the corrections to the Japanese but this one never answered the mail again, I thought I had done what was necessary but apparently it was not like that.

      Anyway, I apologize, it is the first time that happens to me and it will not happen again.

  4. Hey. Really looking forward to update.
    Will the [yuzo_views] code from the previous version work? This is very important for me – I inserted the views under each article.

  5. Can I please get the Pro version as well? I dug the entire industry of WP and tried (and even paid) for a few different plugins but nothing was even close to what we had with Yuzo for related posts. Thank you so much and Good Luck with your studies – lucky employer who’ll get you on board, first.

    1. Hello, I think it’s great that you consider Yuzo as the best of its kind! the soon version 6.0 will be something never seen in its type of plugin.

      Please send me your paypal email to ilen@yuzopro.com to be able to make the invoice 🧾 arrive promptly.

    1. Exactly, my recommendation that is in all the news about this event was to eliminate the Lite version for security.

  6. Hi Lenin, how are you?
    I loved yuzo and considering this post is ~1 month old, I’d like to know when do you expect to release the version 6.0 Pro and 6.0 Lite?

    Thanks for the great work

    1. I wait in 2 more weeks, I am working hard to release it quickly.

      Remember that first will be released for customers, after 2 more weeks for Lite users.

  7. I’m so happy to hear the new plugin will be out soon, and even happier to see more and more people are ordering the pro version. I think this hack has had a silver lining, which is that many people (including myself) realized what an amazing and valuable plugin this is, and how it’s very much worth supporting.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much for trusting in the plugin and in my development of the new version!!
      I’m sure the return will be very exciting 🤩

    1. Hello Elsa, it is just at the end of this publication. You can subscribe to know more about the launch of Yuzo 6 and my new plugins 🤗

  8. Hello,
    Is your version 6 pro ready? If not how long would you expect it to take?

    Also, may I ask How and why the bug allowing the exploit was only in the free version but not the pro one?

    1. Hello,
      1) In a few days it will be ready, today I send the plugin to the Beta Tester clients that I wanted to try the Beta version first, after this I will release it in a general way.

      2) You do not have to worry about the visits, they will keep the previous Lite and Pro version.

  9. Hello Lenin. This is the best and most convenient plugin of this format I’ve seen, but i have a problem. Yesterday I ran into a plugin infection.
    I had to disable it, he created a link to a spam site. I don’t want to look for another plugin, I really like your work. I really need an update with the fixed problem.
    Tell me when to expect a new version of the plugin, and where to download it.

    1. Hello, the add-on has been corrected and renewed in its Pro version, you can visit https://yuzopro.com you can buy it immediately, the release of the Lite version is not yet dated, I’m looking for a free time for this because currently I am adding new features to the Pro version.

      1. I have one small site – my own blog, I would be ready to pay $ 5 for the plugin but not $ 40 and not $ 80.
        My hosting in Amsterdam for half a year costs $ 37.
        I really like your work, but for me it’s a little expensive.
        Looks like I’m forced to wait for the free version. I hope that you can cope with this task in the coming weeks. Many thousands of users are waiting for this update.

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