Yuzo 6 released!

When it seemed that everything was lost, it was not so. Yuzo 6 is finally a reality. Many people were waiting especially for those who always liked and enjoyed using it.

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Also many customers already have it launched on their websites. Yuzo 6 has been released first for customers of the Pro version. This version is the most complete and will have all the fast and luxury features that the new Yuzo can present.

From this moment there are already many good comments on the part of the clients, I have also noticed that the Lite version is also waiting for you, they write to my personal email and tell me. I can say that I loved programming the plugin, I did it from scratch and with a very clean code compared to its predecessor.

The official website of Yuzo also had a redesign that I am constantly updating, there are detailed other interesting details of the Pro version. It has all the amazing newest past features that I have added and will add. I have new features in mind that only by hallucinating I have been able to devise them. It also has a changelog where all the changes are located.

If you have questions about the plugin or new requirement, do not hesitate to ask me.

I will activate my whatsapp so that customers can write directly to me. I will soon enable the number. Do not forget to subscribe in my newsletter to find out more news and of course the new plugins that I will create.



23 thoughts on “Yuzo 6 released!”

  1. [Trouble activating plugin]

    Hello, I am super happy that Yuzo 6 is released.

    When I wanted to click ‘Activate plugin’, an error message came up.

    Here is a screenshot:

    Is it maybe because I didn’t delete the old Yuzo completely from the database?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello, it is a strange error but I have corrected a lot of bug in this version Please download this version and install: Please download this version and install: https://send.firefox.com/download/fb0a70e2a5fda4ed/#JErlzNCnpcZGlekkVKM8jQ


      • You must deactivate the Lite or Pro 0.99 version
      • The data in the database does not intervene in this error, you can keep them without problems
      • I recommend over time to eliminate the previous Yuzo, because they will no longer have support, now it is 6+ forward

      Please let me know if the problem was fixed.

      1. I get the same error with version See new screenshot: https://ibb.co/ch8mHqR

        I am not a technical person, but could it be that my webhosting provider is blocking it on purpose, because they often block these kinds of plugins?

      2. Because I also tried to activate Yuzo version on a different site of mine and it still caused an error.

          1. That was the problem. I still had 5.

            Thank you!

          2. Ask your host to update the version of PHP7.x, Yuzo only points to updated features.
            I hope now you can enjoy the plugin. If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to ask me. ☺️

  2. It works and it is even better than it was. It is by far the best related posts plugin. And if it would be up to me, it will even be one of the best plugins in general!

    Thank you so much for this amazing piece of work!

    1. Thank you, this is the beginning, we will improve it even more so that it is more productive for small and large pages.

  3. It is perfectly. When can I download (and where) the light version? Thanks.

    1. Hello, I would be inside the wordpress repository but I don’t have a fixed date yet, I hope it will be very soon. I recommend that you subscribe to my newsletter for more news about Yuzo and my other plugins that I will be doing.

  4. I received email for download of the new pro version but link is expired.
    I can’t find link on website

    1. Hi, I just sent you the link to the email: mail@bix-services.fr

      1. Download is OK but how to import my previous settings … front office is not the same.
        Did you change CSS class ?

        1. Yes,
          -you must configure the general setting again
          -if you have manually added posts you can import them to the new Yuzo in the “Import / export” tab in the migrate button (each created Yuzo can migrate individually, with the button you migrate all the posts added manually in a few seconds)
          -And yes! the classes of the new Yuzo have changed.

  5. :/ CSS modification is not good news …

    1. I know but the change is simple, I had to add new classes to the new Yuzo to give it a better semantics.

  6. Hello. I downloaded Yuzo, but no settings are loaded except the main page. There are no settings in the free version?

    1. Hi, currently that version is only for Pro users, enter a valid license. There is no Free version yet.

  7. Where can I enter a license? I do not see the field for this. In addition to the main page of the plugin, nothing is loaded.

    1. For support write me to ilen@yuzopro.com to be able to attend what is happening.

  8. hi, any chance of a free version soon? thanks and great job!

    1. Hi, thanks for asking. At the moment only the Pro version is available which I am working on some changes. I have fallen behind in the release because of studies because I am in exam week, I know it sounds bad but studies take me a long time at the moment. But I think that in a week I will launch the Free version in the WordPress repository. Please subscribe to my newsletter so you can find out when it is released.

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